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   About us - search and rent apartments for a short term.

Managing short term renting is a really cool thing! But in spite of our ardent love to this it’s very important to control even the smallest details. Our goal is to have all apartments booked and all guests satisfied.

That’s why we created in April 2013!

Our service is constantly updating according to new tendencies in business and our customers’ needs.

Our service is best for people who manage more than 2-3 apartments.

One of the parties which use our service manages 35 apartments.

Our team can help your apartments to integrate into to make life better and more effective!

You can do more things for less time. These can help you:

centralized control of your orders with a dashboard.
price automatization.
synchronization with booking sites like Airbnb, etc.
sales (your contacts are public and people call you directly)
handy visual calendar of availability
stuff management (housemaids, welcomers/seer-offs, plumbers, drivers etc.)

Posting apartments on is free.

If you are aware of your time call us right now! :)